Book Clubs

With Sarah McNally

Monday, October 6th at 7pm.

"Karinthy is his own best subject (which is a lucky thing, since his personality and his presence infuse every page, every paragraph, of this book), and he uses this occasion to delve into his brain in all sorts of ways: not just via the surgeon’s scalpel but with equally piercing analyses of his own complicated motives, dreams, pleasures, fears, and memories. The things he tells us might well be unbearable if he himself were not such good (if hair-raisingly scary) company throughout."

- Wendy Lesser for Book Forum on Frigyes Karinthy's A Journey Round My Skull.

With Matt Pieknik
Wednesday, October 1st at 7pm.

"Readers of Tanizaki are variously startled or entertained to find that his essay on the delights of what is muted, enclosed and refined by shadows, begins with a paean to the lavatories found in Japanese monasteries."

- AC Grayling for The Guardian on Junichiro Tanizaki's In Praise of Shadows.

With Carly Dashiell

Thursday, September 11th at 7pm.

Let me speak my true journeys own true songs
I can make my sorry tale right soggy truth
sothgied sodsgate some serious wrecan my ship
sailing rekkies tell Hu ic how ache wracked from
travel gedayswindled oft thrownabout bitterly
tested gebanging head keeling at every beating
waves What cursed fool grimly beshipped
couldnt get signs during many a nightwacko
caught gbetween whats gone ok whats coming
on crossing too close to the cliffs Blow wind
blow, anon am I

- From Caroline Bergvall's Drift.

With Kevin Cassem
Matthew Wagstaffe
Tuesday, August 5th at 7pm.

"Accelerationism is a political heresy: the insistence that the only radical political response to capitalism is not to protest, disrupt, or critique, nor to await its demise at the hands of its own contradictions, but to accelerate its uprooting, alienating, decoding, abstractive tendencies."

- From the introduction to The Accelerationist Reader.

(Get Rid Of Slimy egoS)

With Anna Chen and Michael Fentin

Tuesday, September 16th at 7pm.

- From Yukon Ho! by Bill Watterson. 

With Javier Molea

Sunday, October 26th,
 4 pm.


«Libro sustentado en libros […] y en una densa y plural sustancia narrativa que el escritor recorre para revisar e interpretar, como buen escritor de ficción, la Historia como pudo haber sido, vista más desde las miserias que desde las grandezas y reescrita en estas páginas con un verbalismo violento, desaforado y hasta sucio que refleja, potenciándolo, “el charco de sangre y mierda que deja la Historia cuando se aloca” (p.118)… Obra que refrenda que novelar es construir y la novela construcción, esfuerzo compositivo. Hasta el caos ha de cumplir tal requisito y de ello da fe esta singular y justamente premiada novela de Álvaro Enrigue» (Luis Alonso Girgado, El Ideal Gallego).